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Here at Tyrewise we supply and fit quality batteries to suit most makes and models. From passenger cars, to SUVs, 4WDs, commercial vehicles and more, contact us to discuss your vehicle’s battery requirements.

When to get a new car battery

The service life of a car battery is dependent on a few factors, including correct installation, the climate in which your vehicle operates and how often you drive your car. This being said, a battery typically lasts between 3 to 5 years.

How to book a battery inspection or installation in the Sunshine Coast

If your car battery is 3 years or older, and you’re in the the Sunshine Coast, Warana, Kunda Park, and Forest Glen areas, come in and see us at one of our locations, or phone us on (07) 5493 7155 to arrange for a battery inspection. Our experienced technicians can assess the age and condition of your current battery, and advise you if a replacement battery is needed.

Battery being inspected