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There are many components in your vehicle that require oil, grease or some other form of lubricant to function reliably for a long time.

The primary purpose of engine oil is to protect metal components from contacting each other. Oil forms a thin film that provides a boundary layer that minimises heat and friction. Oil also has an important side effect of helping with heat transfer, moving heat away from hotspots inside your engine and preventing damage.

There are signs that your engine oil could be running low or requires changing:

  • The oil check light is illuminated
  • Your engine is producing weird noises/knocks
  • A blue-ish tinted exhaust smoke
  • Your driveway has oil stains where your vehicle is usually parked
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Why Does Oil Need Changing?

Even if your vehicle doesn’t leak oil and the level doesn’t seem to go down, your oil still needs to be changed routinely.

Over time, dirt, moisture and contaminants and heat cycles can reduce the performance of your engine oil to the point where excessive wear and tear can occur, inside your engine. Over time, this slow accumulation of damage results in lower performance, poor fuel economy and unreliability. Depending on your vehicle and the oil that it requires, most manufacturers specify oil changes at 10-15,000km intervals, but can be as regular as every 5,000kms if you have a highly strung, high performance vehicle. When it comes time to have your vehicle serviced, better to get it done by an expert team such as ours at Tyrewise. Contact us by visiting our workshop or by calling (07) 5493 7155 to book your vehicle in!

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