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Having your wheel and tyre balance service performed at Tyrewise means that you can be confident your vehicle’s tyres are balanced to factory specifications. We service those in the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding areas, including Warana, Kunda Park, and Forest Glen.

Our experienced technicians and top-of-the-line equipment will ensure that any potential balancing issues are identified and resolved, which will give you a smooth ride and reduce the possibility of premature tyre wear.

When Do You Need a Wheel Balance Service?

We recommend having a wheel balancing performed every time you have new tyres fitted to your vehicle.

This is because a wheel balance service is able to measure and correct for tiny imbalances that are found in just about every wheel and tyre.

Improperly balanced wheels can cause vibrations, excessive tyre wear, and in some cases, even suspension damage.

To book your vehicle in for a tyre balancing service, reach out today on (07) 5493 7155.

Wheel Balancing