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GitiControl 288
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GitiControl 288

GitiControl 288 great looks come with great performance. This ultra-high performance tire for sedan vehicles delivers awesome control, comfort,and a quiet ride for luxury loving drivers.

Key Features

  • GitiControl 288 is designed with a special DuPont armour technology, five steel belts, and double carcass to greatly enhance vehicle safety level at high speeds.

  • The new external asymmetric design provides ultimate dry and wet handling on a variety of complex road conditions, which allows drivers to rest assure when travelling long distance.

  • Optimised multi-pitch design that remarkably reduces noise levels - GitiControl 288 integrates with the roads to create a comfortable and secure driving experience.

  • The GitiControl 288 is created with race derived DNA that help drivers respond to complex road conditions and experience dry and wet handling. Its superior power and traction can assure the stability of premium sedans while overall performance is perfected.

  • Leading contour technology and tread design combined with a high elastic rubber system and reinforced nano-sized materials complement each other to make sure every speeding, corning, and braking on rainy days is met with elegance.

  • GitiControl 288 tyres contain race derived DNA with outstanding safety and comfort performance, which brings out the exclusive driving experience of premium cars such as the BMW 7 Series and Audi A8.

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