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Routine tyre rotations involve removing and reinstalling your tyres on alternate corners of your vehicle in a particular pattern. This seemingly simple procedure aims to make your tyres last longer.

Tyre rotations can also provide performance improvements in the form of improved handling and braking performance.

When Should I have a Tyre Rotation?

Tyrewise Recommends having a tyre and wheel rotation at least every 10,000kms or any time you fit new tyres to your vehicle.

Fresh tyres have deep, fresh tyre tread that can be more susceptible to uneven tyre wear,

What Are the Signs I Need a Tyre Rotation?

There are signs you should have your tyre inspection sooner than waiting for your next scheduled rotation, and those are:

Uneven tyre wear. Depending on your vehicle and driving style, your tyres might wear unevenly purely based on if they’re on the front or rear of your vehicle. Aggressive driving exacerbates this issue.

A vibration felt in the steering wheel or seat. This is more of a symptom associated with uneven tyre wear. Moving the worn tyres to the back of your vehicle can help smoothen out your steering wheel and make your vehicle feel nicer to drive.

Located in the Sunshine Coast, Tyrewise is your local specialty tyre store. We provide a range of services, which include tyre rotations.

Contact us today to book your vehicle in for a tyre check, a rotation or more!

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