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GitiComfort 228
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GitiComfort 228

A new generation comfort tyre for small and mid-sized sedans with a new compound providing better mileage.

Key Features

  • Low noise pattern design - More comfortable drive.

  • Innovative 3D horizontal groove design - Allows for better air flow and reduced sliding noise.

  • 5-segment variable pitch design, combined with PDT noise optimisation analysis - Effectively reduces the running noise.

  • Rigid frame design enhances the rigidity of the middle tread which reduces the vibration caused by complex road conditions - Enhances the ride comfort.

  • The tyre uses real material which makes it more durable.

  • 2-story high-strength carcass ply structure, effective carcass strength which makes the tyre more resistant to shock damage.

  • 3D block design increases rigidity and avoids abnormal wear so the tyre lasts longer.

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